ISPL Academy bring you the comprehensive certification program in Tally Accounting and GST . Whether you are a professional or a beginner in the field of accounting, our training will give you the expertise you need in a Computer Accounting Tally and Taxation in GST.

GST in India is a reality now. GST (Goods & Services Tax) is going to subsume most of the Indirect Taxes in India such as Central Excise, CST, Entry Tax, etc. and would bring in significant amount of change in way of doing business. ISPL Academy dehradun is ready to address this larger need of the hour, through our project "Certificate course in Tally Accounting and GST".

We at ISPL Academy dehradun are committed to the mission of providing quality and authoritative training at reasonable cost to trade, industry and other stake holders. We have launched various Courses in computer accountancy; Certificate in Tally AccountancyCertificate in Tally Accounting and GSTTaxation in Excel courses will give a detailed understanding about basic concepts, rules and terminologies in a simple way.

Learners can attend classes at ISPL Academy where you can get Professional Training from Certified Faculties. We always strive for quality in anything and everything we do. 

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  • Certificate in Tally with GST

  • 3 month(s)

  • 10 students

  • 1 Day

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Certificate in Tally with GST course covers the following

Training and Work Experience Certificate

Create Company, Activate GST and Set Rate

  • Create Company

  • Activate GST in Tally ERP 9

Journal Voucher

  • Journal Voucher

  • Entering Journal Transactions in Tally ERP9

Debit Notes and Credit Notes

  • Debtors and Creditors

  • Debit Note and Credit Note

  • Situations where Debit Note and Credit Notes are used

  • Activating Debit Note and Credit Note

  • Entering a Debit Note

  • Entering a Credit Note

Day Books and Ledgers

  • Accountant using Tally ERP9

  • Day Book

  • Generate Day Book in Tally ERP9

  • Display/ Alter/ Delete a Voucher

  • Ledger

  • View Ledger in Tally ERP9

Accounting Books and Registers

  • Introduction

  • Cash Book

  • Purchase Register

  • Sales Register

  • Journal Register

  • Statistics

Financial Statements

  • Financial Statements

  • Trial Balance

  • Profit & Loss A/c

  • Balance Sheet

  • Ratio Analysis


  • Stock Group

  • Stock Categories

  • Stock Item

  • Godown

  • Unit of Measure

  • Standard Cost and Price

Inventory Masters

  • Stock Group

  • Create Multiple Stock Group

  • Display, Alter and Delete a Stock Group

  • Unit of Measurement

  • Create Compound Unit of Measure

  • Display, Alter and Delete a Unit of Measure

  • Create Stock Categories

  • Creating Multiple Stock Categories

  • Display, Alter and Delete a Stock Category

  • Creating Godowns

  • Creating Multiple Godowns

  • Display and Alter a Godown

  • Creating Stock Item

  • Create Multiple Stock Items

  • Creating a Stock Item in Advanced Mode

Purchase Procedure

  • Introduction

  • Activating Inventory Vouchers

  • Entering Inventory Vouchers

  • Entering Inventory Vouchers(with Standard Rates)

Sales Procedure

  • Introduction

  • Activating Inventory Vouchers

  • Entering Inventory Vouchers

  • Entering Inventory Vouchers(with Standard Rates)

Special Vouchers

  • Stock Journal

  • Example Stock Journal

  • Physical Stock Verification

  • Physical Stock Voucher


  • Voucher Mode and Invoice Mode

  • Item Invoice and Account Invoice

  • Enabling Invoice Mode in Tally

  • Entering Sales Transactions in Invoice Mode

  • Entering Sales Invoice with Discount

Inventory Books and Reports

  • Introduction

Inventory Books and Reports

  • Stock Summary

  • Other Inventory Reports

  • Movement Analysis

  • Ageing Analysis

Sales and Purchase Vouchers

  • Sales

  • Entering a Sales Voucher

  • Entering Sales Transaction in Tally ERP9

  • Purchase

  • Entering a Purchase Voucher

  • Entering Purchase Transactions in Tally ERP9

Payment, Receipt and Contra Voucher

  • Payment Voucher

  • Entering a Payment Voucher

  • Entering Voucher in Single Entry Mode

  • Payment Voucher for Bank Transactions

  • Receipt Voucher

  • Receipt Voucher for cash Transaction

  • Receipt Voucher for Bank Transaction

  • Contra Voucher

Creating Masters and Set GST Rates

  • Create Stock Group

  • Create Stock Items

  • Set GST Rates for Stock Group and Stock Items

  • Create GST Classification

Creating Tax Ledgers

  • Create Central Tax Ledger

  • Create State Tax Ledger

  • Create Integrated Tax Ledger

  • Create Cess Ledger

Recording GST Sales and Printing Invoices

  • Create Party Ledger Anand Traders

  • Create Sales Ledger

  • Record Local Sales Transaction

  • Printing Local Sales Invoice

Recording GST Interstate Sales and Printing Invoice

  • Create Party Ledger Axis Solutions Hyderabad

  • Create Interstate Sales Ledger

  • Record Interstate Sales Transactions

  • Printing Interstate Sales Invoice

Recording an Advance Payment to Supplier under GST

  • Create Party Ledger

  • Create Bank Ledger

  • Record Advance Payments

Recording GST Local Purchase

  • Create Party Ledger

  • Create Purchase Ledger

  • Record Local Purchase Transaction

Recording GST Interstate Purchase

  • Create Party Ledger

  • Create Interstate Purchase Ledger

  • Record Interstate Purchase Transaction

Fundamentals of Tally ERP.9

  • History of Tally. ERP 9

  • Modules in Tally. ERP 9

  • Salient Features of Tally. ERP9

  • Technological Advantages

  • Products of Tally

Installation of Tally ERP9

  • Install Tally ERP9 From CD

  • Tally ERP9 Startup (Edu. Version)

Getting Functional with Tally ERP9

  • Tally ERP 9 Startup

  • Tally ERP9 Screen Components

  • Use of Alt and Ctrl Buttons

  • Using Calculator in Tally ERP9

  • Quitting Tally ERP9

Creating Company

  • Company in Tally ERP9

  • Gateway of Tally

  • Create another Company National Traders

  • Shut a Company

  • Select a Company in Tally ERP9

  • Alter a Company

  • Delete a Company

Working with Ledgers and Groups

  • What are Groups and Ledgers

  • Groups and Ledgers in Tally ERP9

  • Creating a Ledger in Tally erp9

  • Creating Multiple Ledgers in Tally ERP9

  • Display and Alter Ledger

Voucher Entry in Tally ERP9

  • Voucher in Tally ERP9

  • Entering a Voucher in Tally ERP9

Creating a New Voucher

  • Predefined Vouchers

  • Display Voucher Type

  • Altering a Voucher Type

  • Creating a Voucher Type

Who Should Attend Certificate in Tally with GST

Certificate in Tally with GST training course is a professional course useful for students and young professionals in the field of accounts and finance. It is also beneficial for existing Tally users who may be keen to enhance their Tally skills. No age limit is prescribed to attend the Expert Certificate in Tally and GST though a student should be from commerce and accounts background to easily understand the concepts and course curriculum.

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