Tally & Taxation in GST Accounting Training in Dehradun

Learn GST, Accouting in Tally, Accouting in Excel, Taxation in Tally and Excel

ISPL bring you the comprehensive certification program in Tally with Taxation in GST. Whether you are a professional or beginner to the field of accounting, our training will give you the expertise you need in a Computer Accounting Tally and Taxation in GST. When you learn Tally from ISPL Academy, Dehradun trainers, you can be confident that what you learn will be accurate, complete and up-to-date. We offer training on Tally course in offline mode at our training center in Dehradun.

Career Prospects of Tally with GST

Training by Tally trainers in Dehradun with experience of more than 10 years
Tally is an career opportunity course which has lot of scopes in the present and also in future. The scope of tally course increasing by leaps and bounds.
This tally course opens up various avenues for students. Many jobs are available for tally expert such as Accountant, Tally operator, Data entry operator, Financial analyst in corporate finance department of MNCs.
This course will lets you understand the concept and usability of taxation in India. And will cover taxes like Service tax, Sales tax, VAT & newly introduced GST. A must have knowledge when you want to take accounting as your career.

Who Should Attend Tally with GST Taxation

The Tally.ERP 9 training course is a professional course useful for students and young professionals in the field of accounts and finance. It is also beneficial for existing Tally users who may be keen to enhance their Tally skills.

Course covers the following

  • Accounting & Financial Management

    • Complete Book keeping

    • Income & Expenditure

    • Receivable & Payable

    • Orders, Invoice, Voucher

    • Multi-columnan Reporting

    • Drill Down Display

    • Budgets & Controls

    • Unified Ledgers

    • Depreciation Entry

    • Post-dated Vouchers

    • F A Reports

    • Credit Management

    • Ratio Analysis

    • Cheque Printing

    • Flexible Classify A/C

    • Scenario Management

    • Multi-Currency

  • Inventory Management

    • Point-of-Sales Biling

    • Category of Stock

    • Multi-location stock

    • Alternate/Compound Unit

    • Stock Ageing

    • Multiple Godowns

    • Bill of Materials

    • Physical Stock

    • Flexible Units of Measure

    • Order Status Reports

    • Discounts & Price Lists

    • Multiple Stock Valuation

    • Manufacturing Journals

    • Batch Support

    • Recording Stock Movement

    • Item wise & Invoice

    • Reorder Levels

  • Statutory Capabilities

    • Excise for Manufacturer/Dealer

    • Tax Deducted at Source(TDS)

    • Service Tax

    • Central Sales Tax (CST)

    • Value Added Tax (VAT)

    • Tax Collected at Source (TCS)

    • Voucher Types

    • Memo Vouchers

    • Reversing & Optional Vouchers

    • Comprehensive Accounting

    • Fund Flow & Cash Flow

    • Payment of Debtors

    • Interest Calculation

    • Percentage Based Report

    • Date Based Reporting

    • Cost Centres

    • Flexible Financial Periods

    • Multiple Companies

  • Payroll Accounting functions (PF, ESI, PT)

    • Introduction to Payroll

    • Generation of reports

    • Gratuity report

    • Group Summary

    • Payroll function inTally

    • Payslip, Paysheet

    • Expart reports

    • Attendance Register

    • Enable & configure Payroll

    • Payroll Register

    • Configuring Printing Report

    • Payroll practice Exercises

  • Accounting in Excel

    • Introduction to Spread Sheets

    • Creation of Cost Sheets

    • Calculation of Different ratios

    • Creation of Cash Flow and Fund Flow Statement

    • Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements

  • Tally.NET Capabilities

    • Trusted Remote Access

    • TDS Enhanced

    • Support Centre Control

    • Enhanced Payroll Compliments

    • Excise for Manufacturer

    • Job & Recruitments

  • Technical Capabilites

    • Data Synchronisation

    • E-mail Support

    • Import & Export data in XML

    • Fully Customisable & Extendable

    • ODBC Compliants ?Export to Excel

  • Accounting In Tally

    • Inventory Management

    • Creation of Purchase Order and Sales Order

    • Rejection

    • Vouchers Creation of Manufacturing Account

    • Cost Center and Cost Category and Budget

  • Other Business Capabilities

    • Job Costing

    • Multilingual Languages

    • Advanced MIS

    • Security Control

  • Taxation in Tally and Excel

    • Application of VAT, Central Sales Tax

    • Service Tax,Deduction of Tax at source

    • Collection of Tax at source and Pay Roll Management

    • Calculation of Agricultural Income, Income from Salary , Income from House Property

    • Profit and Gains of Business or Profession, Income from Other Sources

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