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Get training by real PHP Developers & learn real life logical problem solving skills

Certification program in PHP and MySQL is designed for those who are new to web development and also for those who already have their hands on it. The certification program will provide participants with theories, processes, tools, competencies & practice needed to become a PHP / MYSQL web developer. More than 2000 companies in India are looking for the web developers. This PHP / MySQL Certificate Program is being offered as Classroom program in Dehradun and Online program worldwide to meet the needs of the participants.

Career Prospect of PHP

In India, the numbers of PHP developers are growing by leaps and bounds in recent years. India has jumped to 2nd position in PHP developers almost surpassing United States which is at the first position.


After getting trained in PHP, you can get a job easily as there is a huge demand of people with good skills in PHP.

PHP is a highly popular and demanding language. PHP has brought a revolution in the web development industry. It has changed the entire development scenario by introducing interactivity.


There are around 20 million web applications that use PHP. This is one of the advantages of the PHP language as its vast online community.

Who Should Attend PHP Course

Technical IT Graduates / Pursuing Graduation in IT, people with knowledge of at least one programming language, candidates looking for career as a web developer or wanted to start their career as a freelancer. Students looking for Industrial Training in PHP, 6 month / week summer training in dehradun should also join this program.

PHP / MySQL Course covers the following

  • Basic PHP

    • Introduction PHP and MySQL

    • Benefits of using PHP MySQL

    • Setup of PHP Environment

    • Testing the Page

    • Troubleshooting Installation Errors

  • PHP Programming Concepts

    • Write your First PHP Program

    • Embedded PHP in HTML / HTML in PHP

    • PHP Data Types

    • Variables in PHP

    • Super Global Variables

    • Operators in PHP

    • Conditional Statements

    • Loops (For, While, Do While, Foreach)

    • Forms, $_GET, $_POST

    • Include, File

    • Upload, Cookies, E-mail, Sessions, Errors

    • DB Connection

  • PHP Functions

    • Using Functions in PHP

    • Userdefined Functions

    • Predefined Functions

    • Common Functions

    • String Functions

    • File Functions

    • Date Functions

    • Hash Functions

    • Mail Functions

  • Arrays and Array Functions

    • Why use Arrays

    • Types of Arrays

    • Creating Arrays

    • Accessing Arrays

    • Array Functions

    • Using Array Functions

  • MySQL Database

    • What is Database?

    • Understanding an RDBMS

    • Understanding Tables, Records, and Fields SQL Language

    • Using the MySQL Command-Line Client

    • Select, Distinct, where, And, Or

    • Order by, Insert, Update, Delete

    • Order by, Insert, Update

    • SQL functions

  • Working with PHP MyAdmin

    • Creating Databases

    • Creating Tables in Database

    • Specifying Field Data Types

    • Selecting the Most Appropriate Data Type

    • Adding Field Modifiers and Keys

    • Selecting a Table Type Altering Tables

    • Altering Table and Field Names

    • Altering Field Properties

    • Adding and Removing Fields and Keys

    • Altering Table Types

    • Backing Up and Restoring Databases and Tables

    • Backing Up Databases and Tables

    • Restoring Databases and Tables from Backup

    • Dropping Databases and Tables

    • Viewing Database, Table and Field Information

  • SQL Queries

    • Inserting Records

    • Editing and Deleting Records

    • Performing Queries

    • Retrieving Specific Columns

    • Filtering Records with a WHERE Clause

    • Using Operators

    • Sorting Records and Eliminating Duplicates

    • Limiting Results

    • Using Built-In Functions

    • Grouping Records

    • Joining Tables

    • Using Subqueries

    • Using Table and Column Aliases

  • Live Project

    • Live web development project

    • Live MySQL database, web folder

    • Import/export tables

    • Connecting webserver, uploading files

Dual Certification
Training and Work Experience Certificate

ISPL Academy Dehradun brings you the benefit of dual certification to make you double eligible for your dream job. You will get a training certificate on successful completion of your course from ISPL Academy and a work experience certificate from Inside Software Pvt. Ltd. Dehradun of 6 months duration which makes you an experience professional from a bare fresher. Remember; most of the IT companies want experienced work force.

  • Certificate ISPL Academy Dehradun
  • Certificate Inside Softwares Dehradun

Batch Schedule

Get 40% Scholarship on PHP MySQL course in Dehradun

  • Starting22-Jul-2017

      Duration is 3 month(s)

      Batch size: 10 students

      Course Fee: ₹13000 ₹7800

      Registration Fee: 200

    Apply Now
  • Starting31-Jul-2017

      Duration is 3 month(s)

      Batch size: 10 students

      Course Fee: ₹13000 ₹7800

      Registration Fee: 200

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