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Learn from the experts with Live Project and Summer Training in Dehradun

Learn and master the art of Web Designing from the training leader in Dehradun. The most comprehensive certification program in Web Designing includes HTML, CSS, Photoshop, jQuery, Responsive Web Design, SEO and Live Project. A good web designer creates the visual elements of a website such as colors, layout, formatting, etc. Web designers are one of the highly paid professionals. Web Designing Certificate Program is being offered as classroom program in Dehradun and Online program worldwide. You too can join ISPL Academy to be a part of this growing industry.

Why choose Web Designing as career

Training by web designers in dehradun with experience of more than 10 years
One of the biggest benefit of web designer is that can work from home and can work as a freelancer & you do not need a formal education to do this course.
Web designing is an career opportunity course which has lot of scopes in the present and also in future.Companies will hire you based on your skills and not on the basis of your educational background.
Many jobs are available for web designers such as Web application developer, UI designer, Web marketing analyst. Many web development job allows to work from anywhere there is an internet connection, even your own home.
Career in web designing is very secure and continuously growing option. The position of web developer is in very high demand and demand continuous to grow.

Who Should Attend the course in Web Designing

Technical and non-technical Graduates / Pursuing Graduation in IT, people with knowledge of at least one programming language, candidates looking for career as a web designer or wanted to start their career as a freelancer. Students looking for Industrial Training in Web Designing, 6 month / week summer training in dehradun should also join this program.

Web Designing Course covers the following

  • HTML

    • HTML Introduction

    • Elements

    • Tags

    • Text

    • Formatting

    • Pre

    • Attributes

    • Text Links

    • Comments

    • Lists

    • Images

    • Image Links

    • Tables

    • Forms

    • Input

    • Text Fields

    • Password

    • Reset

    • Submit

    • Checkboxes

    • Radio

    • Select

    • Hidden Fields

    • Upload

    • Text areas

    • Special Tags

    • Body

    • Meta

    • Style

    • Div

    • Headings

    • paragraph

    • Formatting

    • Anchor links

    • Head

    • Meat

    • layouts

    • iframe

    • HTML5 Tags

  • CSS

    • CSS Introduction

    • CSS Syntax

    • CSS Id & Class

    • CSS How

    • CSS Styling

    • Styling Backgrounds

    • Styling Text

    • Styling Fonts

    • Styling Links

    • Styling Lists

    • Styling Tables

    • CSS Box Model

    • CSS Border

    • CSS Outline

    • CSS Margin

    • CSS Padding

    • CSS Advanced

    • CSS Grouping/Nesting

    • CSS Dimension

    • CSS Display

    • CSS Positioning

    • CSS Floating

    • CSS Align

    • CSS Pseudo-class

    • CSS Pseudo-element

    • CSS Navigation Bar

    • CSS Image Gallery

    • CSS Image Opacity

    • CSS Image Sprites

    • CSS Media Types

    • CSS Attribute Selectors

    • Writing CSS

    • Menu

    • Alignment

  • JQuery

    • jQuery and JavaScript

    • Flavours of jQuery

    • Consistent UX with jQuery

    • Obtaining / Accessing the jQuery library

    • Binding event handlers

    • Removing event handlers

    • User Interface / Mouse events

    • Event Manipulation Methods

    • Identifying DOM elements

    • Constructing jQuery Selectors

    • Basic CSS selectors

    • Custom jQuery selectors

    • Chaining jQuery operations

    • The ready() handler

    • IDs & Class

    • Conditions

    • Operators

    • Functions

    • Events

    • Hide/show

    • Functions

    • Event

    • Hide/show

    • Slide

    • Animate

    • Form Validation

    • Effects

    • Ajax

  • Photoshop

    • Only required knowledge for PSD to HTML

    • Screen Technology basics

    • Image formats

    • Photoshop workspace

    • Photoshop Tools

    • Layers

    • Blending Options

    • Layer modes

    • Export graphic

  • FTP

    • Upload site on server through FTP

  • Responsive Web Design

    • Mobile / Tablet / Desktop / Laptop Compatible Layouts

    • Bootstrap

    • Landing page design

    • RWD simulators

  • Basic SEO

    • Intro To SEO

    • How google works

    • SEO friendly design and URLs

    • Custom 404 pages

    • Google Analytics

  • Live Project

    • Live website design project

    • Connecting to webserver

    • Creating folder

    • Uploading files

    • Uploading files

Dual Certification
Training and Work Experience Certificate

ISPL Academy Dehradun brings you the benefit of dual certification to make you double eligible for your dream job. You will get a training certificate on successful completion of your course from ISPL Academy and a work experience certificate from Inside Software Pvt. Ltd. Dehradun of 6 months duration which makes you an experience professional from a bare fresher. Remember; most of the IT companies want experienced work force.

  • Certificate ISPL Academy Dehradun
  • Certificate Inside Softwares Dehradun

Batch Schedule

Get 40% Scholarship on Website Designing course in Dehradun

  • Starting22-Jul-2017

      Duration is 3 month(s)

      Batch size: 10 students

      Course Fee: ₹13000 ₹7800

      Registration Fee: 200

    Apply Now
  • Starting31-Jul-2017

      Duration is 3 month(s)

      Batch size: 10 students

      Course Fee: ₹13000 ₹7800

      Registration Fee: 200

    Apply Now

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